Artikel-Schlagworte: „Boris“

The Gallow Crows

The Gallow Crows are a Berlin based band formed in June 2013.

Five rusty crows.. sitting on a gallow.. playing their dirty songs about life in their own particular way.

Five people who found each other in a human desert.


Max – main guitar

Brita – contrabass, background vocals (Gruftschlampen, Bögömarie)

Kokel – bass guitar, electric guitar, percussion (Gruftschlampen)

Mike – drums (Der Zerfall, Lakoma, Cabo de Gata, mds51)

Marcel – vocals n lyrics (SICKDOLL & T.N.S., SICKDOLL, Gentle Zombies, Highwayzombies, Rohrbruch)

Feel free to contact us here or try this one:

The Gallow Crows – Granpa’s Story